Disease Eradication

Closer to the Other Side

Eugene is confronted by Vincent and challenges him to another game of chicken.

We Control What You See

Arquette tells Stripe about the MASS implant.

Dawson Experiences Death

Dawson's symphatic diagnoser allows him to feel the pain of his patients, but one patient gives him too much pain.

Still Riding That High

Dawson becomes addicted to pain and goes to extreme lengths to fulfill his desires.

Virus Origins

The origins of the MEV-1 virus are revealed.

Beth Dies

Matt is informed that his wife, Beth, died from her illness.

The Virus Analyzed

Dr. Ally Hextall breaks down the MEV-1 virus for CDC director Dr. Ellis Cheever.

Max's Surgery

Max undergoes surgery to "delete" his hacked Feed from his brain.