Digital Immortality

I don't want it

Martha's friend signs her up for software offering an AI version of Ash to help her grieve.

A Pregnancy

Upon learning she is pregnant, Martha decides to use the software and communicate with Ash.

Phone Call

Martha continues using the software, calling Ash on the phone while she heads into nature.

Don't Cry

Martha agrees to buy a physical accompaniment to the software so Ash can resume his human form.

Something's Off

Upon spending more time with the new Ash, Martha realizes that something is off with him. They fight, and she decides she no longer wants to see him.

The Future

Some time in the future, Martha has the baby. She has a new arrangement in place: he stays in the attic, and her daughter can only see him on weekends and holidays.

Brain Cookie

Matt persuades a cookie to perform its duty.

Potter's Confession

Matt gets the truth out of Joe.

Kelly and Yorkie Meet

Kelly and Yorkie decide to meet outside of the simulated San Junipero.

Kelly Moves On

Kelly decides to join Yorkie as a full time resident of San Junipero.

New Girl In the Office

A digital copy of Nanette finds herself trapped in Daly's custom Infinity game.

Daly Makes a Monster

Daly discovers Nanette's escape plan and lashes out.

The Crew Flies Through the Wormhole

Nanette and the rest of the USS Callister crew escape through the update patch.

Jack Ditches Carrie

Carrie is installed in Jack's mind after an accident, but Jack can't take it anymore.

Clayton is Reborn

Clayton is digitally resurrected after his execution.

Clayton's Freedom

Nish frees Clayton from his prison and kills Rolo.

Will's Upload

Will Caster's consciousness is uploaded onto a computer but Max Waters suspects that it may be the AI impersonating him.


Tom and Ben find Lawrence's virtual assistant, Alba, and discover the true scale of what he did.


Evelyn blackmails Darrian with a chip containing his dead wife's consciousness.

Welcome to Lakeview

Nathan begins his digital afterlife at Lakeview.


Nathan meets Nora just as he is about to reject his afterlife at Lakeview.

Kelly's House

Kelly takes Yorkie home after Yorkie looks for her at the club.

The Crew Tricks Daly

The Crew hatches a plan to steal Daly's omnicorder.

Will Goes Online

Evelyn lets Will access the internet, expanding his power immensely.

Will Begins His Plans

Max is informed by his Rift captors that Will's new digital consciousness manipulated the stock market. Meanwhile, the FBI gets an anonymous tip on the whereabouts of Rift.

Grow and Advance

Max speculates on Will's plans and ambitions.

Run From This Place

Evelyn shows Dr. Joseph Tagger and Agent Buchanan what she and Will are creating.

Transcend Them

Max collaborates with the military and Rift to kidnap Martin, stealing Will's source code.

Printed Dinner

Nora and her dad meet up for dinner and talk about the afterlife.

Fight Mode

Nathan meets a kid who has been at Lakeview for a while.

A New Plan

The group explains the new plan for the afterlife to the Judge.

AI chat bots can bring you back from the dead, sort of

Microsoft patented technology that would use social media posts to reincarnate people as chatbots

AI chat bots can bring you back from the dead, sort of

Microsoft patented technology that would use social media posts to reincarnate people as chatbots