Digital Divide and Inequalities

Abi's Audition

Abi is pressured into pursuing a disturbing new career.

Victoria Wakes Up

Victoria wakes up, unable to remember who she is and unable to get answers from the people around her. She must run from a group of "hunters."

Lacie Starts Her Day

Lacie gets coffee and catches up with Bethany on the elevator.

Lacie's Nosedive

Lacie has a confrontation at the airport that brings down her score.

Lacie Crashes the Wedding

Lacie shows up to Naomi's wedding uninvited and makes her speech.

White Voice

Langston explains to Cassius about the power of the white voice.


Meredith asks President Kwan of COM for asylum in exchange for her Feed technology.

Printed Dinner

Nora and her dad meet up for dinner and talk about the afterlife.

The Truck Driver

Lacie gets a ride from Susan so she can get to Naomi's wedding.

Lawrence's Justification

Lawrence explains to Tom why he put the latest version of the Feed into people's genetics.