Digital Addiction

Flynn Gets Teleported

The MCP traps Flynn in the digital space as a Program and tasks Sark with destroying him.

Wade Explains the OASIS

Wade, in voiceover, explains how the virtual world of the OASIS works.

Closing Scene

The High Five team inherit Halliday's stocks in Gregarious Games and get ownership of the OASIS.

Bing's Audition

Bing auditions for Hot Shot so he can speak his mind.

Bing's New Gig

Bing recreates his audition for the entertainment of the masses.

Dinner With Friends

Liam and Ffion have dinner with friends.

It was Years Ago

Liam confronts Ffion about her relationship with Jonas.

Liam Remembers the Assault

Liam uses the Grain to watch his drunken confrontation with Jonas.

Show It to Me

Liam demands that Ffion show him her affair with Jonas.

It's a Thief

Martha prepares dinner while Ash spends time on his phone.

The Accident

Martha learns that Ash has died in an accident.

The Truck Driver

Lacie gets a ride from Susan so she can get to Naomi's wedding.

Lacie Goes Under

Lacie decides to let loose and forget her score.

Now We're Festive

Matt tells Joe about being blocked by his wife.

Nothing is Going On

Theo confronts Danny about how withdrawn he's been.

Attention to the Breath

Chris calms himself down before picking up a passenger.

Chris Says His Piece

Chris gets Smithereen CEO Billy Bauer's attention.

A Notification

Chris agrees to release Jaden, but Jaden tries to help Chris on his way out.

Post Internet

Max Waters reminisces about his friends Will and Evelyn Caster in a post-internet world.

Danny's Addiction

Tom's young patient Danny is addicted to the feed.

Feed Addiction

Tom visits Danny in the hospital.

Bing Wakes Up

Bingham Madsen wakes up in his fully LED-screened apartment and heads to his exercise bike.

Victoria Wakes Up

Victoria wakes up, unable to remember who she is and unable to get answers from the people around her. She must run from a group of "hunters."

Lacie Starts Her Day

Lacie gets coffee and catches up with Bethany on the elevator.

Lacie Crashes the Wedding

Lacie shows up to Naomi's wedding uninvited and makes her speech.

Daly Enters Infinity

Daly takes out his frustration with Walton on his digital copy in Infinity.

Daly Steals DNA

Daly takes Nanette's DNA after discovering that she does not have feelings for him.

A Virtual Meeting

Lawrence asks Tom for a favor during their virtual meeting.