The Shining in VR

The High Five team realizes that the second key is hidden within a virtual reality version of The Shining.

Problem With the Update

Bernard faces a problem with the new update for the hosts of Westworld.

Teddy is Rescued

The Man in the Black takes Teddy with him on his mission to find the maze.

Picking Outfits

Lenina helps her friend pick out an outfit for their night out.

Ana Stelline

K visits Dr. Ana Stelline to talk about his memories.

Public Opinion Shifts

After a severed finger is delivered to UKN public opinion no longer supports the Prime Minister.

About Bernard

Ford catches Theresa and Bernard spying, and reveals the truth about Bernard.

Ben and Miyu's Wedding

Tom meets Kate at Ben and Miyu's wedding.

We Need to Talk

Ben visits Lawrence to talk about his hacked Feed.

Welcome to Lakeview

Nathan begins his digital afterlife at Lakeview.


Nathan meets Nora just as he is about to reject his afterlife at Lakeview.

Customer Service

Nathan finds Nora in Lakeview, taking a break from her work in the real world.

Simone's Breakdown

The intro video explains why the newcomers are at the good place and the group brainstorms on how to help Simone adjust.


Chidi talks to Simone about solipsism.

Janet's Torture

Janet is tortured by Vicki dressed in the Michael suit.

Psychological Torture

Vicki shows the demons how to perform psychological torture by simulating a scenario with Tahani.