Cyber Crime

Data Takes Over

With his homing signal activated, Data takes control of the USS Enterprise and blocks the crew from stopping him.


Clu carries out Flynn's mission in the digital space and gets busted by Recognizers.

Eva's Brain

Nathan explains how he created Eva.

Parzival's Monologue

Parzival reminds his fellow players that they must work together to stop IOI from taking control of the OASIS.

Daily Preparation

Vincent prepares to go to work.

Eugene and Vincent

Vincent steals Eugene's identity to work at the Gattaca space corporation.

Nuclear Reactor Hack

A Nuclear Power Plant in China is hacked resulting in a massive meltdown.

Soy Stocks Surge

A Hacker causes the price of Soy to surge in the stock market.

Tin Shortage

Nick and Chen Lien discover the hacker's next target.

Jem Helps Out

Jem helps Victoria survive and explains that a signal took over all screens and brainwashed people.


The blackmailers lied to all of their puppets.

Tin Safehouse

Detective Parke tries to hide Clara from the electronic bees but to no avail.


A hard drive found at the hackers hideout reveals his true target.

Smithereens and the FBI

Smithereens and the FBI cooperate with British Police in profiling and surveilling Chris.

Rift Attacks

Will Caster is shot and other AI researchers murdered in a terrorist attack by anti-AI activists.

Capturing Klaue

After discovering that Ulysses Klaue plans to sell stolen vibranium in Korea, T'challa, Okoye, and Nakia disrupt his plans and embark on a chase through the streets of Busan.

T'Challa Returns

As Killmonger prepares to arm Wakandans stationed around the world, T'Challa returns and begins an uprising.


Ford sits down with Bernard after he kills Theresa.

Hacked Feed

The feed is hijacked and everyone is forced to watch.

Kate's Mundles

Evelyn reveals that Kate's mundles (recorded memories) were hacked.

We Need to Talk

Ben visits Lawrence to talk about his hacked Feed.


Evelyn and Max are held hostage by Feed employee Eric, and are forced to take him to the Feed hub.

What is Human?

Through Max's body, D talks to Tom and reveals that Lawrence created him.