Artificial Companionship

Maeve Returns

Maeve's programming is adjusted and she is returned to Westworld.

Bernard and Delores

Bernard talks to Dolores privately.

Elsie's Blackmail

Elsie blackmails one of the surgeons to show her the body of the host that attacked her in the park.

Meeting Ashley Too

Rachel is gifted an Ashley Too doll for her birthday.

Get to Know Joe

Gigolo Joe seduces a woman using his perfectly engineered charm.

Not Pretending

William and Dolores realize how they feel about each other.

Ben's Desires

Ben tries to enjoy intimacy with a virtual reality version of Miyu.

The Miyu Virus

Ben is haunted by the corrupted virtual version of Miyu.


George tells J3 everything about his plans.


K comes home with a surprise for his virtual wife, Joi.