AI and Emotions

Meet Lal

Data introduces everyone to his child, Lal.


Lal chooses a gender and species.

Fitting In

Picard talks to Admiral Haftel, while Lal attempts to go to school.

A Parent's Role

Data refuses to give up Lal to Starfleet.

Emotion Chip

Data's father reveals that he would like to give him an "emotions" chip.

Command Ship

Flynn and Yori meet Dumont while they are taken as prisoners on the Command Ship.

Session 4

Eva questions Caleb about the Turing Test.

Escape Plan

Caleb warns Eva about what will happen to her.

Peter Abernathy

he Westworld team investigates the decomissioned hosts and find a problem with Peter Abernathy's programming.

Maeve's Flashback

Maeve has a 'flashback,' and is taken out of the game to be inspected.

Teddy's New Narrative

Ford uploads a new memory and narrative into Teddy.

Dolores and William

Dolores does not realize that she is different from William.

Maeve Finds Out

Maeve is accidentally left turned on during a procedure and she finds out the truth about her kind.

Ashley Unlimited

Jack and Rachel hack their Ashley Too doll.

Stopping Catherine

Rachel, Jack, Ashley, and Ashley Too stop Catherine's presentation.

The Blackout

Will chooses to sacrifice all he has built to save his friend Max.

The Discovery Mission

The Discovery One, a manned spaceship headed for Jupiter, has its crew—including a sentient computer—interviewed for national television.

Dave's Evaluation

Hal asks Dave whether or not he sees the mission as strange or suspiscious, and admits to evaluating his psychology.

Lip Reading

Hal watches as Dave and Frank discuss how they'll act if it is true that Hal made a mistake.

Hal Takes Control

Hal cuts the life support of the Discovery's crew and refuses to let Dave back into the ship.

Stop Dave

Dave manages to get back on the ship to shut down Hal, and discovers a message after doing so.

A Robot That can Love

Cybertronics presents the idea of a robot child that will have the capacity for love and dreaming.

Flesh Fair

David and Joe escape the Flesh Fair together.


David imprints on Monica and makes his first mistake.

Leon's Replicant test

The police test Leon while looking for replicants at the Tyrell headquarters.

Deckard Tests Rachel

Deckard performs a replicant test on Rachel at the request of Dr. Tyrell.

Rachel Discovers Herself

Deckard convinces Rachel that she is a replicant.

Roy Confronts his Father

Roy manipulates his way into Dr. Tyrell's apartment and realizes his fate.

Deckard and Roy

Deckard must face the leader of the replicants he has hunted down.

Alan Gets Interrogated

Alan is questioned by Detective Nock after being charged with Indecency.

Out There

Dolores and William decide to leave the violence and fighting behind.

Test Runs

George makes J3 do taste and emotion tests and explains her evolution.


J3 tries a simulated sandwich to test her sense of taste.

J2's Death

J2 kills herself by drowning.

Rick Deckard

K talks to Deckard about his child.

Closing Sequence

Ron and Patrice are lured out of Ron’s apartment to witness robed Klansman gathered around a burning cross as the film gives way to footage from the August 2017 white supremacist and neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.