Narrative Areas

Sets of narratives organized by ethical issues related to different types of technologies that impact individuals, communities, societies, and global interests. You can think of a Narrative Areas as a specific group of narratives all related to the application of computing technologies.

Algorithmic Bias

AI Emotions and Rights

Artificial Companionship and Therapy

Automatic Translations

Cyber Crime

Cyber Terrorism

Computing Ethics Issues

Data Privacy

Deep Fake

Digital Addiction

Digital Divides and Inequality

Digital Immortality

Disabilities Enhancement

Disease Eradication

Digital Censorship

Digital Media Misinformation

Edited Humans

Education Technologies and Applications

Fundamental Ethics

Government Civil Surveillance

Global Impact of Technology

Governing Technologies

Historical and Cultural Heritage Technologies

Location Tracking


Predictive Policing

Scientific Innovation



Technology Based Environmental Impact

Technology Based Entertainment and Leisure

Tech Workforce Culture and Values

Tech Monopolies

Technology and Race

Technology Based Economic Disruption

Transportation Technologies

Workplace Safety and Risks