Digital Immortality

In this module, we will investigate emerging technologies around the concept of 'digital immortality' through video and text narratives. The goal is to think about the implications of this concept for society and the creation of digital artifacts of human existence.


Some assert that digital photos, videos, sound clips, social media posts and other data of oneself could already be regarded as a growing archive for achieving a digital afterlife (Bell and Gray, 2000)

What are the potential benefits, harmful consequences, and ethical issues that this new combination of AI-driven NLP autocomplete models and vast stores of social media personal communication data might bring about in the near future?

How would this type of presence impact our understanding of human life, death, grieving, and memory?

Activity 1

What do you know and think about emerging digital immortality technologies?

Please, answer this short concept check. - approx. 5 minutes

Ethical Issues Related to this Topic